Course curriculum

    1. Grass Conditions

    2. Hit Me Up! Playing a Ball from an Upslope

    3. The Course is a Course, of Course - A Short Explanation of Courses

    4. Everybody Get Down! Playing a Ball on a Down Slope

    5. Floating Above Your Feet! Playing a Ball on a Slope Above Your Feet

    6. Can Weaker be Stronger? Playing a Ball on a Slope Below Your Feet

    7. G P S On-Course Evaluation Player Profile

    8. Performance: Optimized or Effective?

    1. 4 Game Changing Questions So Easy You Will Wonder Why You Never Thought of Them

    2. *** SUPERCHARGE YOUR PERFORMANCE - ATTITUDE BUY-IN!!! How - And Why! - to train your ATTITUDE!***

    3. Shotfinder: Adjust or...Guess? or...Ignore? ADAPT!

    4. Short Slopes demonstration

    5. G P S Player's Academy PLAYBOOK

    1. Good, Better, Best! WEAPONIZE PREPARATION!

    2. G P S Competitive Advantage

    3. G P S Preparation for PLAY!

    1. Multiple Influences - Now what?

    2. Control the ball? Control the TEE! Control the LIE and you will control the SHOT!

    1. Any Landing You Can Walk Away From...

    2. Landing Zone

    3. 20 Intended Flights and Their Results

    4. G P S is DYNAMIC

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